Fun Adult Party Games

Adult party games can be a little goofier and a little more risqué so have some fun with the following two games we suggest for your party.

The first game for the adult party is a fun romp called ‘Feeding Time’. Have all the women at the party sit in a row of chairs on the opposite side of the party area. They should each have a baby bottle filled with something to drink (you can use milk or alcohol for these adult babies) and each should have a bib.

Place an equal number of men on the opposite side of the adult party area. At your ‘go’ each of the men should run to their partner and get into her lap. The women will tie a bib about the man’s neck and start feeding him from the bottle. The man can cling on to the woman but he’s not aloud to touch the bottle with his hands. Once the bottle is empty the woman unties the bib and both run back to the men’s starting place. The winning couple is the first one across the finish line.

Our second suggestion is more of a fun pastime than an actual adult party game. ‘Body painting’ can be made a little competitive if you give an award at the end of the painting session for the most artistic or most risqué body art. You’ll need to spread out some newspapers or a floor cloth to keep paint from coloring the carpet and you’ll also need body paints or face crayons, brushes and some water.

Have the guests get into groups of three and arrange themselves so they can paint on each other’s body. They can paint anywhere on the body as long as their painting partners are okay with it. At the end have everyone admire each other’s body art. This is definitely a game reserved for those adult parties so keep the kids out of it!

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Putting the Fun Back Into Adult Party Games

Every relationship however young or old it is, needs some spice adding to it to keep interest and fun for both parties involved. One of the best ways to combine both fun and interest is by investing in adult party games; it eradicates the staleness and takes your relationship to a whole new exciting level.

It is said that the best kind of game is one that involves dressing up and role playing fantasies with each other. It gives you both a chance to step outside the box and become someone else for the night, and if you have been in a long relationship the same old boring experiences can really take away any drive and desires you have for one another. So role playing allows you both to look at each other in a different light and gives you the chance to really step things up. I’d recommend doing a bit of research if you don’t already know what your partner likes the most in terms of dressing up, find out what awakens them and drives them crazy with lust. For example if you are a woman, your partner may like the idea of you dressed up as a nurse and so on.

Perhaps the second ideal experience is to give your lover a sensual hot oil massage, not only does this loosen their body up and put them into a state of complete relaxation but it also charges their sexual feelings because you are tending to every area of their body by sensual touching.

These steps won’t work for everyone but they have a high rate of success in many relationships, so it’s worth giving one or both of the above a try.

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Games – Adult Party Games

As social morality began to loosen (what many call a decline) the big rage among adults was the adult party games. One of the first ones was “Bottoms Up” but it didn’t end there. Today, there are more adult party games than you can shake a stick at. But what exactly IS an adult party game? Well, for those of you who have been living in a cave for the past 30 years, we’re going to give a brief overview of the various types of adult party games that you’re likely to find.

The first adult party games were probably the most dangerous because they involved drinking. Lots of it. One of the early adult drinking games was “Bottoms Up”. The premise of the game was basically pretty simple. You went around the board by roll of the dice and did whatever each square told you to do. If you landed on a Bottoms Up square then you took the shot glass off the square and drank whatever was in it. The variety of drinks people used for the game were numerous. Those who were not so daring would use wine or even soft drinks. But there were some pretty hard core drinkers in these games and it was very easy to get very drunk, very fast. The knock offs of Bottoms Up came fast and furious, all focusing on the theme of drinking.

But drinking games were not the only adult party games. From drinking we moved on to sex. There were about as many titles of adult sex games as their were drinking games by the time the adult party game craze got into full swing. One of the most popular adult sex games today is “Monogamy”. It was actually voted adult game of the year once. The game itself is a board game where the couple moves around the board and follows the instructions on the cards that are turned over whenever a square is landed on that indicates to pick a card. There are cards for him and her. There are also fantasy cards.

The game is a mixture of conversation and activities. Some of the activities are relatively tame while others can be quite steamy, depending on what level you play. Since the game is only for 2 people, it is usually played between husbands and wives or at least a couple who are together. The board itself is very colorful and the “track” on the board is shaped in the form of a circle or wheel. There really is no winner or loser in this game, as with most adult party games. It’s simply getting down to the object, whatever that may be for each person.

While “Monogamy” is for 2 people, there are many adult party games involving sexual activity that are for groups of people where you could end up with just about anyone in the game, even if they are the same gender. Some adult party games get pretty wild.

If you are new to this sort of thing, you may want to start slow by getting Monogamy and playing at the lowest level, then working your way up. It’s a great way to get your feet wet, among other things, in the world of adult party games.